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Do I need a Content Delivery Network to speed up my Website?


A CDN (Content Delivery Network) can significantly improve the page load speed of your website if:

[a] your site uses a lot of images, especially large images and,

[b] your normal visitor base is international.

For example, if you have a website about digital photography and feature many high quality, large image files, a CDN service makes a lot of sense. In that scenario, your images would be served from the CDN and the rest of your website from your normal hosting provider.

The same applies if your audience is spread across the globe as images will be loaded from a server closest to the visitor's location, rather than from where the normal website is hosted.

Here are some of the most popular CDN providers compared by price:


  CDN77 KeyCDN MaxCDN Amazon Cloudfront CloudFlare
 CDN Provider  CDN77  KeyCDN  MaxCDN  Amazon Cloudfront  Cloudflare
 Starting Price  $0.049 (per GB)  $0.04 (per GB)  $9/month  $0.085 (per GB)  Free
 Bandwidth  Unlimited*  Unlimited*  Up to 1TB  Unlimited*  Unlimited
   Pricing  Pricing  Pricing  Pricing  Pricing


* The price is based on your monthly bandwidth usage; the more you use, the cheaper the price per GB.

Regardless of which CDN service you choose (such as CDN77, KeyCDN, MaxCDN, Cloudfront, Cloudflare, etc), we can handle the technical integration for you free of charge if your website is hosted with us.

If you have questions about CDNs, please raise a ticket here:


and we will answer ASAP!

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